NexTherma & NexTherma Dual

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In many industrial sectors, anti-corrosion at high temperature has always been associated with Chromium chemicals, mainly hexavalent Chromium (Cr6). Traditional coatings in this application field contains this toxic compound, which is harmful to mankind, from applicator to end-user and highly detrimental to the environment, in addition to the non-recyclability.  


NexTherma uses advanced technology of ceramic and metallic composite to provide the same level of protection without the hazardous impact.


Added Value


But what sets our coating apart is the complete absence of hazardous chemicals, including hexavalent chromium, a harmful product responsible of respiratory and lungs cancer, among others dramatic disease. Instead, we use a unique blend of advanced materials that provide superior corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance without compromising on safety or performance.


In addition to its exceptional corrosion resistance, our coating is also highly durable, ensuring that it remains effective even in the harshest of conditions, like operating at very different temperature. It exhibit good abrasion resistance and very good adhesion on metallic part.


Moreover, this product line has been formulated in aqueous phase, meaning it does not contain VOC. It can be applied on cold surface of any geometry, even the most complex or the smallest one. The liquid water-based formulation makes it suitable to standard deposition technics like spray or dip-coating without extensive protective equipment.


It’s never been easier to protect your equipment and infrastructure from the damaging effects of corrosion at high temperature.



Product Range


  • NexTherma
  • NexTherma Dual



Industries & applications


NexTherma has been engineered to withstand continuous operating temperatures of up to 850°C, making it the ideal solution for industries that demand exceptional protection against corrosion in high-temperature environments. Its combination of derivatives of aluminum and boron demonstrates very good adhesion on metal. Since it is formulated in water, it can be easily applied on any kind of geometry without heating or electrostatically charging the surface.


Nextherma has an incredible smooth surface, making it a very good candidate for any application related to air compression, such as steam-turbine or aircraft turbojet.


NexTherma Dual, a 2-layers coating with very good adhesion on metal, has been designed to sustain temperatures shift from 850°C to 50°C. Our coating has been rigorously tested under thermal cycling and proven superior protection even after 5000 cycles. It can resist corrosion from molten salts and can therefore be used in Concentrated Solar Power application.



Applications sectors example:

  1. Aerospace and aviation: protect aircraft components, such as engines, exhaust systems, and combustion chambers.
  2. Automotive: engine components, exhaust systems, and brake systems.
  3. Power generation: gas turbines, boilers, and steam turbines.
  4. Industrial manufacturing: equipment that is exposed to high heat, such as furnaces, ovens, and incinerators.
  5. Petrochemical processing: reactors, heat exchangers, and pipelines.
  6. Concentrated Solar Power plant.
  7. Hydrogen Production





So why settle for inferior coatings that rely on toxic hexavalent chromium? Upgrade to our advanced coating technology and experience the ultimate in corrosion resistance at high temperatures. Contact us today to learn more and schedule a consultation with one of our experts.


Product Overview





NexTherma Dual


1 layer

2 layers


Ceramic composite

Metallic Composite + Ceramic composite




Corrosion resistance

Molten salts

Molten salts

Abrasion resistance



Mechanical resistance



Chemical resistance



Max. temperature



Thermal cycling resistance


850°C to 75°C, 5000 cycles

Optimal thickness

30-50 µm

10-20 µm + 30-50 µm

Substrate adhesion

Stainless steel

Aluminium with primer

Stainless steel