Sichem Innovative coatings can provide the following solutions for improving the sustainability and new developments are regularly released.

Thanks to its patented technology, Sichem developed water-based formulation of polymer or ceramic, easily applicable on cold surface making it an environmentally-friendly choice for coatings in term of energy saving and limited waste generation.


NexTherma  is a Chrome-free anti-corrosion coating.

  • Technology: NexTherma uses ceramic metallic composition to create an exceptional protection against corrosive materials, molten salt for instance.
  • Resistance: NexTherma keeps its properties and its efficiency even at high temperatures (>750 °C). and can resist intense thermal cycling (5000 cycles from 750°C to 150°C)
  • Positive green impact: NexTherma   is a nontoxic solution which avoids the use of Chromium Hexavalent (Cr6), a carcinogenic chemical.
  • Market opportunities for aeronautic, waste Management, Hydrogen, reactors, …


Endurocoat is a thermostable coating based on semi-crystalline thermoplastic polymer

  • Interest : can be used as base materials for making parts, to reinforce carbon fiber structures or as a coating for non-lubricated mechanical parts. Endurocoat is an alternative to machined metals such as stainless steel, aluminum or titanium.
  • Hardness : Mechanical characteristics of the product give it a significant abrasion resistance.
  • Advantage: The company has developed a technique allowing the easy and cost effective application on metallic parts with complex or intricate geometry.


SilkCoat is ultra-resistant and non-stick coating without PFAS (Perfluoro-Alkyl substance).

  • Chemical properties : Silkcoat is hydrophobicoleophobic and a very good thermal conductor.
  • Positive green impact : This revolutionary coating could replace traditional PFAS- based coating. Additionally to PFOA, which carcinogenic, toxic and endocrine disruptor hazard, PFAS are also harmful to the environment by their accumulation and non-biodegradability. In 2013, the European Chemicals Agency (Echa) added it to its list of substances of very high concern. Very recently, proposition has been made to ban all perfluorosubstance within short time.


CoataFence is an innovative coating to protect metallic structures against their weakening due to hydrogen diffusion in the material.

This revolutionary coating has many advantages:

  • Resistance: Coatafence provide chemical and corrosion resistance, abrasion and scratch resistance, delamination due to very strong adhesion on metal, thermal resistance.
  • Electrically conductive property is achievable to discharge static electricity.
  • Market opportunity: Hydrogen production by water electrolysis, Hydrogen and gas storage unit, supply equipment such pipe and tubes.