The ultimate solution for industrial coatings, offering unparalleled anti-adherence properties, exceptional abrasion resistance, and eco-friendly water-based formulation, while addressing global concerns about hazardous chemicals and complying with evolving regulations.

Introducing SilkCoat: Revolutionizing Industrial Coatings for a Sustainable Future

At Sichem, we understand the global concern surrounding the hazardous effects of chemicals like PFOA and PFOS, which not only accumulate in our environment but also pose risks to human health due to their non-biodegradability. That’s why we developed our groundbreaking SilkCoat solution.

However, the regulatory landscape is evolving rapidly, with stringent measures being implemented worldwide to limit the use and exposure of PFAS, including any chemicals containing perfluoroalkyl groups. Some countries have already banned specific Perfluoro chemicals, while others are actively working towards regulating their usage and addressing contamination issues.

To stay ahead of these evolving regulations, we are proud to introduce our new and improved SilkCoat version, developed with sustainability and compliance in mind.

SilkCoat is the ultimate solution for industrial coatings, delivering unparalleled anti-adherence properties and exceptional abrasion resistance even at temperatures up to 250°C. This makes it the perfect choice for industrial settings where metallic components require a functional surface with enhanced properties.
Our coating system offers excellent acid-resistance and alkali-resistance, making it ideal for use in harsh industrial environments. It also provides outstanding abrasion and scratch resistance, ensuring that your components will remain protected even in the toughest conditions.

One of the significant advantages of SilkCoat’s water-based formulation is its superior coverage with a thinner coating compared to traditional powder deposition methods. This results in cost savings as less material is required for each application. Additionally, the water-based formulation is environmentally friendly, minimizing VOC emissions and reducing the overall carbon footprint. The ease of application on complex geometries and the ability to coat cold substrates further streamline the coating process, saving time and energy.

SilkCoat is a versatile coating with wide-ranging applications across industries. In the automotive sector, it improves engine performance by minimizing friction and wear in components like pistons and cylinder walls. In aerospace, the coating enhances the efficiency and reliability of critical parts such as turbine blades by preventing debris build-up. In the medical device industry, SilkCoat ensures easy cleaning, reduced tissue adhesion, and durability in surgical instruments, while maintaining biocompatibility and chemical resistance. Additionally, in the cookware, bakeware, and food production sectors, SilkCoat provides excellent non-stick properties, abrasion resistance, and enhanced durability, making it an ideal choice for various food contact applications. Its water-based formulation offers advantages over powder deposition, including thinner coating application for excellent coverage and comparable performance.

Discover the SilkCoat Advantage Today

Contact us now to learn more about how SilkCoat can benefit your business. Our product range includes

  • SilkCoat F, the first of our family that contains no PFOA or PFOS
  • SilkCoat S without any PFAS
  • SilkCoat B, which combines the absence of PFAS and Silicone
  • SilkCoat HT, a high-temperature resistant coating that is entirely free from PFAS and Silicone (note that non-stick properties of silicone may irreversibly decline around 300°C).