CoataFence Systems

Water-based coatings for sustainable hydrogen equipment protection, offering efficient hydrogen diffusion prevention, superior performance, and environmental responsibility for a brighter future.

Introducing CoataFence: Eco-Friendly Water-Based Coatings for Hydrogen Equipment Protection

Energy production and supply pose significant geopolitical and environmental challenges. As the world seeks solutions, hydrogen emerges as a promising energy carrier produced through water electrolysis. To support its development, we must overcome technological challenges, including protecting and ensuring the durability of production units, transport equipment, and storage facilities, as hydrogen diffusion remains a critical concern.

Traditionally, addressing hydrogen diffusion involved increasing wall thickness or developing new alloys, both with substantial energy consumption implications. However, we offer a game-changing solution—CoataFence, an eco-friendly coating line.

CoataFence is built on our patented water-based formulation technology, allowing us to create coatings from polymer materials that are intrinsically insoluble in water. By utilizing this breakthrough, we enable the application of coatings on cold surfaces using standard techniques like spray or dip coating. No longer is surface heating or electrostatic charging required to attract and bind powder coatings. CoataFence can be applied to any geometry, regardless of complexity, and at any size and scale. Achieving high-performance coatings has never been more environmentally friendly and convenient.

The eco-friendliness of CoataFence lies in its water-based formulation. Compared to alternative methods, our coatings significantly reduce environmental impact. By encapsulating your equipment with our specialized water-based polymer coatings, you effectively prevent hydrogen diffusion, ensuring long-lasting protection while preserving precious resources.

CoataFence empowers new actors to contribute to hydrogen technology development while prioritizing sustainability. Our eco-friendly coatings provide safe and efficient operations, reducing reliance on energy-intensive alternatives. Embrace the future of sustainable hydrogen technology with CoataFence, where high-performance coatings meet environmental responsibility.

Contact us today to learn more about CoataFence and how our water-based polymer coatings can revolutionize the protection of your hydrogen equipment. Together, let’s build a greener and more sustainable energy landscape for future generations.

Product Range :

The Coatafence product line is divided into two main activities:

  • Production
  • Transport & Storage

H2 Production:

Introducing Coatafence P: Cutting-Edge Electrically Conductive Coating for High-Temperature Electrolyzers

Elevate the performance of your high-temperature electrolyzers with Coatafence P, our groundbreaking electrically conductive coating. Engineered using innovative materials, Coatafence P delivers exceptional attributes that set it apart from traditional coatings.

Key Attributes:

  1. Enhanced Electrochemical Performance: Coatafence P’s electrically conductive properties optimize electron transfer, enabling superior electrochemical performance within your electrolyzer. This leads to enhanced efficiency and increased hydrogen production.
  2. Excellent High-Temperature Stability: With outstanding thermal resistance, Coatafence P maintains its integrity even at extreme temperatures, ensuring reliable performance and longevity of your electrolyzer under high-temperature conditions.
  3. Exceptional Alkali Resistance: Coatafence P’s robust composition offers exceptional resistance to alkali environments, effectively protecting your electrolyzer from corrosion and degradation caused by harsh alkaline conditions.
  4. Seamless Application on Complex Geometries: Coatafence P can be precisely applied to intricate surfaces and complex geometries, ensuring complete coverage and protection of all critical components within the electrolyzer.
  5. Long-Lasting Durability and Abrasion Resistance: Coatafence P exhibits remarkable durability, with enhanced resistance to abrasion and wear. This ensures prolonged protection for your electrolyzer, reducing maintenance requirements and extending its operational lifespan.
  6. Excellent adhesion to metal components: Coatafence P provides exceptional adhesion to metal surfaces, ensuring a strong bond between the coating and the metal components of your electrolyzer. This ensures effective and durable protection, even under demanding conditions.

Unlock the full potential of your high-temperature electrolyzers with Coatafence P. Experience unparalleled electrochemical performance, exceptional temperature stability, superior resistance to alkaline conditions, and enhanced durability against abrasion and wear. Benefit from its seamless application on complex geometries, ensuring comprehensive protection for your electrolyzer’s critical components. With Coatafence P, you’ll achieve long-lasting durability, minimize maintenance, and maximize operational efficiency.

H2 Transport & Storage:

Introducing Coatafence T&S: Revolutionary Eco-Friendly Water-Based Coating for Hydrogen Transport and Storage

Take your hydrogen transport and storage units to the next level with Coatafence T&S, our cutting-edge coating based on a bio-based polymer formulated in water. Designed to address the unique challenges of hydrogen transportation and storage, Coatafence T&S offers a range of key attributes that set it apart from traditional coatings.

Key Attributes:

  1. Eco-Friendly Bio-Based Polymer: Coatafence T&S is formulated with an eco-friendly bio-based polymer derived from sustainable sources. By using renewable materials, it reduces environmental impact and supports a greener future.
  2. Excellent Barrier Properties: With outstanding barrier properties, Coatafence T&S effectively limits hydrogen diffusion through the coating. This ensures the integrity and safety of the transport and storage units, minimizing the risk of leakage.
  3. Electrically Conductive Coating: Coatafence T&S features an electrically conductive formulation, facilitating effective electrostatic discharge and minimizing the risk of static build-up. It ensures safe and efficient operation of hydrogen systems.
  4. Good Adhesion on Metal and Plastic: Coatafence T&S offers excellent adhesion on both metal and plastic surfaces, establishing a strong bond between the coating and the substrate. This ensures long-lasting protection and prevents delamination or peeling.
  5. Mechanical Resistance to High Pressure, Stress, and Strains: Designed to withstand demanding conditions, Coatafence T&S exhibits exceptional mechanical resistance to high pressure, stress, and strains. It maintains its integrity and performance, even in challenging environments.
  6. Versatile Application: Coatafence T&S can be easily applied to various surfaces and geometries, providing a seamless and uniform coating. Its adaptability makes it suitable for different types of hydrogen transport and storage units, including tanks, pipelines, and valves.

Elevate the performance and sustainability of your hydrogen transport and storage units with Coatafence T&S.