Sichem Solar Systems

This product line offers very high absorption of solar spectrum, long lasting of performances even after working at temperature as high as 750°C and high resistance towards strong UV radiation.

Our coating are formulated to be easily applied on every geometry with standard techniques like Spray-coating ensuring a perfect covering and homogeneous layer thickness.  Adhesion on the metallic tubes is very strong.


Coterill® 750, the advanced silicon-based light absorber paint that is taking the solar industry by storm. With its impressive absorbance ratio of up to 98.5%, The coating delivers unparalleled efficiency and reliability in the most extreme temperatures of up to 750°C.

Designed specifically for use in commercial solar receivers used in Concentrated Solar Power, Coterill® 750 offers unmatched performance and durability, while reducing the need for costly and time-consuming maintenance operations on site. This leads to increased availability and electricity production, allowing power plants to operate at their full potential.The low thermal emissivity and strong resistance to UV degradation of the coating ensure long lasting of the performances of power generation unit.

This product has been developed for the next generation of solar power plant of John Cockerill, our partner in this journey.


 Solar Light Absorber (SLA 850)

The Solar Light Absorber (SLA 850), the next level in solar thermal coating technology. Developed by our company, this material is the successor to our previous product, Coterill® 750, which has already been successfully commercialized.

But SLA 850 isn’t just an improvement on its predecessor. Our unique formulation eliminates the need for costly and time-consuming curing steps thanks to a chemical polymerization happening at room temperature. This means that our customers can save money throughout the lifetime of their CSP plant and avoid the risks of inadequate curing on top of the tower.

With unbeatable performance, reliability, and cost savings, SLA 850 is the clear choice for solar receiver coatings. Whether you’re building a new solar power plant or looking to upgrade an existing one, SLA 850 offers the ultimate in solar thermal coating technology.

Don’t settle for less – choose SLA 850 for your CSP coating applications and experience the next level in solar thermal energy technology. Contact us today to integrate our coating in your energy production solution.