ChemTech Systems

A water-based fluoropolymer coating providing unmatched industrial equipment protection against harsh chemicals, and offering seamless application, environmental sustainability, and a powerful low surface energy advantage.

Introducing “ChemTech” – the epitome of industrial equipment protection! Our cutting-edge water-based fluoropolymer coatings, developed meticulously by our experts, are specifically designed to shield your valuable assets from a wide range of harsh chemicals. Say goodbye to worries about corrosive acids, caustic bases, or aggressive solvents – “ChemTech” has got you covered!

But what sets “ChemTech” apart from traditional powder coatings? It’s our water-based formulation, the future of coating technology. Experience seamless application, effortless cleanup, and reduced environmental impact. With no need for hazardous solvents or excessive waste, “ChemTech” takes a giant leap towards sustainability while delivering exceptional performance.

Now, let’s talk about the game-changing advantage of the low surface energy exhibited by our final coating. This remarkable property creates a robust shield, making it virtually impossible for chemicals to adhere to the surface. It’s like having a forcefield against dirt, grime, and contaminants. Cleaning becomes effortless, downtime is minimized, and your equipment stays in peak condition, ensuring optimal productivity.

Protect your industrial equipment with the unparalleled power of “ChemTech.” Whether you’re dealing with corrosive acids, aggressive solvents, or challenging chemical environments, our water-based fluoropolymer coatings provide the ultimate defense. Embrace the future of coatings and elevate the performance, durability, and longevity of your equipment with “ChemTech.” Trust us, your assets deserve nothing but the best.

Product range :

  • ChemTech E-CTFE

Introducing “ChemTech E-CTFE” – the ultimate solution for industrial equipment protection. Based on the exceptional ECTFE polymer, this advanced coating offers unparalleled chemical resistance, safeguarding your equipment against corrosive acids, aggressive solvents, and even high-temperature environments. From chemical processing plants to oil refineries, “ChemTech E-CTFE” provides reliable protection in a wide range of applications.

But that’s not all. This remarkable coating also boasts exceptional durability, ensuring long-lasting performance even in harsh operating conditions. Its UV resistance makes it ideal for outdoor equipment exposed to sunlight, such as storage tanks and pipelines. Additionally, “ChemTech E-CTFE” offers excellent electrical insulation properties, making it a preferred choice for electrical enclosures and wiring systems.

With “ChemTech E-CTFE,” you can trust in a coating that not only provides superior chemical resistance but also delivers exceptional durability and versatility. Protect your valuable assets and elevate your equipment’s performance with the reliability and peace of mind offered by “ChemTech E-CTFE.” From chemical plants to infrastructure projects, this coating is your ultimate defense against the toughest environments.

  • ChemTech PVDF

Introducing “ChemTech PVDF” – the ultimate solution for industrial equipment protection. Formulated with high-performance PVDF polymer, this advanced coating offers exceptional chemical resistance, guarding your equipment against corrosive acids, aggressive solvents, and a wide range of harsh chemicals including strong acids, alkalis, and organic solvents. Whether it’s sulfuric acid in chemical processing plants, alkali solutions in wastewater treatment facilities, or aggressive solvents in the pharmaceutical industry, “ChemTech PVDF” provides reliable protection in the most demanding chemical environments.

But that’s not all. This remarkable coating also boasts outstanding durability, with excellent resistance to UV radiation, moisture, and weathering. It maintains its integrity even in harsh outdoor conditions, making it ideal for applications such as storage tanks, pipelines, and architectural coatings. Furthermore, “ChemTech PVDF” offers excellent fire resistance, electrical insulation properties, and low friction coefficient, making it suitable for applications in the aerospace, electrical, and automotive industries.

From chemical processing equipment to architectural structures, “ChemTech PVDF” excels in a wide range of applications. It protects storage tanks against aggressive chemicals, provides corrosion resistance in chemical plants, ensures long-lasting performance in outdoor environments, and even reduces friction in mechanical components.